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image315Naming the Shadows (fiction) Porcupine’s Quill, is available through the publisher, bookstores, and Amazon.

This book collects nine stories and two novelettes by Canadian author, editor, and publisher Sharon Berg. It deals with the shadows that lie in wait and some-times cross our paths. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, a young child or an old woman. A girl faces a hard decision when she takes a trip to the mall with her friends. A mother tries to tell her daughter about her father, who passed before they could meet. There are moments of bright light in every life, and then there are the shadows that test the strength of those who recognise them. This is not a collection of scary stories. Rather, it’s a sensitive portrayal of the challenges that living a regular life often sets before us.

Available from the publisher Porcupine’s Quill, from local bookstores (ask for it if you don’t see it), or from Amazon. You can also purchase it from Sharon at a reading or a book signing event.

image1051Alternative Schooling and Student Engagement: Canadian Stories of Democracy Within Bureaucracy. Editors: Nina Bascia, Esther Fine & Malcolm Levin. Palgrave/Macmillan, 2017.

This book features a chapter written by Sharon Berg about Wandering Spirit Survival School. It examines student engagement at a number of different alternative schools, the idea being that this is the reason for founding a school that is unlike the regular  public schools. It also examines the notion of alternative schools fighting for democracy within the bureaucracy of various school boards while it does this.

You can purchase the book new or used on Amazon.



These poetry anthologies both appeared in 2018. Both contain the work of one hundred or more Canadian authors, including Sharon Berg.



Amazon or the American publisher.                      Amazon or the Canadian publisher.



Odyssey and Other Poems. (poetry chapbook) Big Pond Rumours Press. 2017.

This chapbook contains the long poem Odyssey-coverOdyssey: Contemplations The Angels Have Not Left Us, which is a response to the book written by Hugh McCullum called The Angels Have Left Us (2004). The poem reflects on both each individual’s role in the human impact on other cultures and on the human impact on the environment. The chapbook also includes two poems written to Al Purdy (who is the father of Sharon’s half brother, Brian Purdy) and a poem to her youngest daughter.

Available from the author.


Paper Reunion: An Anthology of Phoenix: A Poet’s Workshop (1976-1986). Edited by Sharon Berg and Julie McNeill. Big Pond paper-reunionRumours Press. 2016. (Available from the press.)

This book was developed out of a special issue of Big Pond Rumours E-Zine. The book focuses on a number of authors from the first ten years of the workshop’s 30-year history in Toronto. Almost all of these authors have gone on to publish books, to win awards, and many of them have become writing teachers as well as authors.

Available from the Editor, Sharon Berg.


The Great Hoop Dance. (poetry chapbook) Big Pond Rumours Press. 2016. (Available from the press.)      cover-ghd

This chapbook is an essay on First Nations ontology illustrated by eight poems. It was written in a Native Studies class taught by James Dumont of the Three Fires Society. The poems are also used as chapter headers in my narrative history detailing the work Pauline Shirt did to found Wandering Spirit Survival school, the first Native Way school in Canada.

Available from the author.


Black Moths.  (poetry chapbook) Big Pond Rumours Press. 2006. (Available from the press.)image456

This chapbook focuses on several important poems that detail the effects of domestic abuse through the questions that this form of violence raises in the victim and causes them to ask themself. It is not an entirely dark story, however, as the author finds her path.


Available from the author.


Sharon Berg: the re-published audio recordings.  (CD with poetry chapbook) Big Pond Rumours Press. 2006. (Available from the press.)


This is a compilation of two audio cassette recordings made in the 1980s that are now unavailable. They were Tape 5. Gallery 101 Productions. 1885. and Black Moths. Public Energies. 1986. Both of those tapes were created by George Young.

image426   image434   Available from the author.


0174040001Arrivals: Canadian Poetry in the Eighties. Edited by Bruce Meyer. The Greenfield Review Press, USA.

This anthology includes poetry by almost one hundred Canadian authors, including Sharon Berg. (Out of print)

Used copies are available by various vendors or on Amazon.





The Body Labyrinth.  (poetry book) Coach House Press. 1984. (Out of print)                               the-body-labyrinth-cover

This is Sharon Berg’s second book of poems. It is divided into three sections: The Marriage Sedan, Personal Myths, and Love Poems. Dennis Lee writes a back cover blurb: “Sharon Berg’s poetry has passion, and promise, and flurries of extraordinary verbal panache. When they come together – as they do in ‘The Coat of Many Colours’, for instance – the results are quite marvelous. She is one of the younger poets to watch.

Used copies are available by various vendors or on Amazon.


Pineapple Cheese: Poems & Songs for Children. (poetry chapbook) One Finger Press. 1984. (Edition of five copies. Out of print)

The songs in this little book were developed from the tunes that Sharon began to make up and sing to her own children. They include sheet music drawn by trumpeter Paul Wood of New York. Add to this the poems that Sharon wrote for and about her children, such as the title poem detailing a period when her youngest daughter would eat nothing but crackers and pineapple cheese and you have something delightful. (Out of Print/Not available)


To a Young Horse. (poetry book) Borealis Press. 1979. (Out of print)                                                                         to-a-young-horse

For his back cover blurb, John Robert Columbo wrote: Your delicacy, your depth, are things to marvel at… When I complete one of your poems, I never know what to expect next. The imagery is haunting… love becomes lyric in your hands, and poem after poem I am moved from delight to delicious delight. The book is divided into four sections and it tells a coming of age tale in poetry. (Out of print)

image4611I cannot help myself. I was very disappointed by this cover and I redesigned it myself. One thing that I regret is the title, so I would change that also, to something like Confessions To A Young Horse.

In any case, used copies of the original book may be available by various vendors or on Amazon.








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